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Kjupsen pharma

Kjupsen pharma was established in 2016 by a corporate executive with over 18 years of expereince in pharma business in the region in order to provide customized medical marketing services to our partners. We can provide various services to companies entering new markets or wanting to optimize their presence in the region, like registration of products, market access, marketing and sales activities, product management, life cycle management and pharmacovigilance. Our expertise, dedication and flexibility enables us to adjust to our partner’s needs and provide them with customized services to best suite their customers and patient's needs.

Kjupsen pharma MISSION

Providing innovative therapies for patients, through customized services for our partners and customers.


Kjupsen pharma provides customized approach to our partner’s needs in line with local laws and regulations.

Please let us know if other services are needed.


In order to provide best therapies for our patients Kjupsen pharma partners with innovative companies looking for customized entry in the market.

We are currently building a portfolio of innovative products in medical devices segment.

Kjupsen pharma is proud member of EyeOn.


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